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Orange Vintage Beaded Cluster Earrings

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A pair of lovely beaded cluster drop earrings in orange and peach. Vintage acrylic crystals and pearls from the family business.  Antique brass wires and findings. Titanium ear wires* are lead, cadmium and nickel free; strong and resistant to corrosion. They also meet EU Nickel Directive.

Size: Hang 2.5" long

Handmade in our Pensacola, Florida studio.

Ships free to US in gift box.


*Candid owner takeover: Hi there, it's Kat! Just wanted to give a little insight on the design process for these earrings.  When you open the box, you may notice the ear wires are an antique silver color vs the rest that's antique brass. Here's the deal: I wear the styles I sell (not the actual ones I ship, don't worry). 

I like to use antique brass because it's appearance holds up well over time without constant cleaning like other materials (yes, even the 'good' stuff). However, I've noticed that no matter what label it carries (lead free, etc),the ear wires still get this buildup where the wire pierces the ear. Yuck!

So I wear these things I make, right?! Well, I also test them before I ever list a style to see how they hang and holdup. I tested these titanium wires for days. Okay, I took them out for showers (that's good jewelry upkeep rule 101). But, I wore the same pair of titanium wires over and over...

*plays imaginary drumroll*

Result: No weird buildup. No soreness. No reaction. Nada. And my ears usually feel tender after wearing sterling wires during the day. Titanium for the win!

Thank you for reading my jewelry design nerding out moment. *takes a bow*

XOXO - Kat